Turnaround Time

Midwest Laboratories focuses on turnaround time with respect to sample analysis.  We are different in that we are not a true, “research laboratory”.  When I use the phrase, “research laboratory” I am speaking about laboratories that perform 1-2 month study and try to develop methods that will help with the analysis. At Midwest Laboratories, our personnel use proven, documented methods with respect to analysis.

With the advances in technology, and specifically new instrumentation, we are working on methods with instrument vendors to be able to perform certain analysis better. Again, this type of analysis is done in cooperation with a vendor.

Midwest Laboratories clients want to be able to send their samples in for analysis and receive results in routine, standard time, in some cases results are needed right away with respect to decision making.

This is an important item to keep in mind when you send a sample in for analysis to any laboratory.  Every person should contact the laboratory they are working with and find out how long it will take to complete the analysis requested. By doing this step, clients

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