Shipping Soil Samples

Those of you who are sending in multiple soil samples to be tested, make sure you are maximizing your money by sending your samples with an authorized return service label. Midwest Laboratories offers shipping labels which allow clients to send in 50lbs of soils for a set price between $7-8.00 depending on the carrier. This is an extremely cost effective way to save money on shipping.

In addition, growers can instantly have 25 soil bags and a shipping label sent to them for free by filling out the information on the Midwest Laboratories eStore Promotion.

Also, with an account at Midwest Laboratories, you will receive additional savings with respect to supplies and analysis.

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What Employers show know about H1N1

There is a great blog post from Rush Nigut on this subject.

Great article…. With the following points:

  • Update (or create) a Business Continuity Policy with specific provisions for H1N1 flu.
  • Encourage employees to get flu shots (both seasonal and H1N1) as soon as possible. To the extent that you offer health insurance to employees, determine if those shots are covered under the appropriate plans. And consider offering flu shot clinics if you have the resources.
  • Clarify what your absence and illness policies will be. Consider having flexibility in this situation if you can to encourage employees who are sick (who have someone that is sick in their household) to stay home.
  • Make sure your infrastructure can handle an increased telecommuting presence if need be.
  • Stay updated on the EEOC guidance.

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Farm States Watching Ohio Vote on Livestock Rules

Next week an important vote will be taking place in Ohio regarding livestock rules. Hopefully, creating a livestock board with agriculture leaders and animal health experts will be the trend to help combat the issues raised by animal activits. Read this article! We will all be waiting with anticipation next week.


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