Text Message – Analysis Completed

BlackBerry StormMidwest Laboratories offers text message notification.  When you submit your samples to Midwest Laboratories with your account, you will now be able to receive a note when your analysis has been completed and results posted to the website and or/emailed to you depending upon your account setup.  By signing up for this service, you will know at the precise second when your results can be viewed.  More people are signing up for this service each week.  The form is online and just a few questions are asked with respect to your cell phone information.   For more information click on the Text Message Sign-up Tab

If you have questions, please call 402-334-7770 and ask for Brent.


Lab notification by text message

AnnoyingMidwest Laboratories offers text message notification to all clients.  Once analysis is completed, a text message is sent to the client notifying the client that his or her results are available online or has been sent via email.

Sign-up to add this functionality to your account can be found on this web page, Text Message Sign-up.


Laboratory communication via text message

Midwest Laboratories offers  text-message notification for all clients with accounts at Midwest Laboratories.  As more and more of us are using smart phones and getting accustomed to text message technology, this type of service is gaining in popularity.

The only cost to the service, is the cost defined by your cell phone plan.  There is no additional cost.