Metals | Nutrients

What do all of those Metals mean on my soil report.  I saw a great post today from Calcium Products that gives a quick explanation of metals and their affect on plants.  Here is quick checkoff. Please use this information when referring to data collected on your plants and soils.  Thanks again Craig Dick – Calcium Products

Plant Nutrients

Boron | Necessary for cell wall formation.

Calcium | Needed to fight diseases.

Nitrogen | Essential for amino acid formation…too much can delay flowering and fruiting

Magnesium | Necessary for producing carbohydrates, sugars and fats

Carbon | Essential to converting cholophyl into sugar and for plant respiration

Potassium | Necessary for keeping nutrients flowing in the sap

Sulfur | Is a natural disease fighter

Zinc | Essential for carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis and (stem growth)

Manganese | Involved with enzyme activity  for photosynthesis, respiration and nitrogem metabolism

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