Soil Testing Season Remains Strong Through November

Soil SamplingEven with today’s rains, soil samples are still being brought in for analysis. The ground temperatures are still warm enough for sampling and crews are fighting the elements to get those remaining soil samples out of the ground.

In addition, Midwest Laboratories Shipping Department continues to send out soil bags, soil probes, boxes and return shipping labels. If you are looking for soil sampling supplies, consider opening a Midwest Laboratories Account today if you don’t have one yet.

Still unsure what soil analysis results can give you, check out the “Interpreting Soil Analysis” Document.

Fall Soil Testing Season

soil samplesIt is that time of year, right after harvest when samples start coming into the laboratory for analysis.

Today, there were a large number of soils received

See for yourself!

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Fall Soil Sampling Supplies

Midwest Labs Soil TestingIt is not that far away. Many clients are already placing orders this week for large volumes of soil bags and shipping labels.

In addition, soil probes are holding steady. Don’t wait too long. Last year our inventory of probes was virtually depleted and manufacturers were several weeks behind on orders.

If you need supplies, grab them today to insure you will have them when you are ready.

If you currently do not have an account, consider signing up today, (New Account Form) so you can take advantage of processes like

  • online supply ordering
  • access to all testing information 24x 7 online
  • be able to receive data with the Midwest Labs Mobile App -Android and Apple (See Item #5)
  • access to UPS, FEDEX and SPEE-DEE shipping labels*    *Selected Territories
  • access to free soil bags

It is that time of the year, get your supplies today.