Soil Testing Reminders – Fall 2013

soil testing 2013Some items to consider with respect to soil testing:

If you need a soil probe, purchase your soil probe soon. You can find a list at the Midwest Labs eStore

Consider setting up an account with Midwest Laboratories – All of your soil information can be found in one location online and it makes it more convenient for the lab in receiving your sample paperwork.  (Same Day Service)

If you need soil bags, boxes and shipping labels, call or fill out the information online with your account information. Orders are being processed everyday and a large number of supplies are being sent out.

Make sure you have proper paperwork attached to your samples and your soil samples are identified appropriately. This is the key to getting your samples entered in without delays.

If you have questions, the soil administration team is available (6 people). You will get a live person and we will help assist you with your soil testing needs. 402-334-7770.

If you have questions outside of normal business hours, consider sending an email [info(at) ], contacting us online or calling in and leaving a message. Your message will be addressed.