Big Tuesday

What will the count be for number of soil samples received?






Typically Tuesday’s represent the largest volume of samples received. Most of this is due to the weekend sampling and submittal of samples via UPS, Spee-Dee, US Mail, FedEx and Walk-in traffic.  Watch this site for more information throughout the day.  I have a feeling we will break the 20,000 mark today.

Harvest is really early this year.  Following the stories and comments on Twitter at hashtag #harvest10 has been really interesting. Harvesting started in some places in August and still continues.  Some places are completely finished too.

It has been a very interesting year. For us at Midwest Laboratories this means an earlier testing season and larger volume of samples with the nice/mild weather.

9.00am  – – Just announced, we will be receiving over 1,100 packages in our receiving area today….

Soil Samples have arrived

Soil Testing Season

13,000 soil samples received yesterday.

The fall soil testing season  is here.

Soil Sampling supplies are being sent out in record numbers.  Also don’t forget your shipping options with UPS and Spee-Dee. Fixed rate shipping and pickup at your sampling location.

Client Services

Client Service representatives are available to answer your soil testing questions.

Soil Test – Value Priced

The S3C  Complete Analysis

& Recommendations                   $26.00

This test is our most popular test and it’s quite a value from a cost standpoint. 


S3C Analysis  (includes the following packages S1A, S2N and S3)

S1A (Basic): Organic Matter, Available Phosphorus (P1 Weak Bray and P2 Strong Bray) Exchangeable Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Hydrogen, Soil pH, Buffer Index, C ation Exchange Capacity, Percent Base Saturation of Cation Elements With Recommendations:                                                                    $10.00

S2N: Same as test S2 with Nitrate Nitrogen With Recommendations:               $15.40

S3: Sulfur, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Boron With Recommendations:   $14.20

Total Savings       $39.60   – $26.00  = $13.60

Attention Soil Samplers





Soil Samplers – This is your time of the year…

Do you need someone to come and pick up samples at your location for shipping to Midwest Laboratories?  If you live in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Nebraska give us a call.  New shipping service will pick up samples from your location.

For more information, contact Brent Pohlman – Midwest Laboratories 402-334-7770

Soil Testing

A number of projects are nearing completion in anticipation of a large soil testing season. We have added more equipment and instruments for this upcoming season in anticipation of high record volumes of soil testing.

We anticipate receiving over 20,000 soil samples a day during the peak weeks in October.  We are basing these numbers on the number of soil bags,  we have been sending out to clients this fall.

Stay tuned for updates this fall with respect to sample volume.  In the meantime, make sure you have ordered your soil sampling supplies. We received 360,000 bags last week from our supplier.  As always our goal is to have soil test results returned to you in 3 days.