6 Steps to Collecting a Succesful Garden Sample

Taking a sample is probably the key to accurate soil analysis results.

Here are the 6 steps as reported in Organic Gardening

1. Get a trowel and a bucket. Be sure neither is rusty or made of galvanized (zinc-coated) metal, which could skew your results.

2. Scrape mulch and leaf litter from the soil surface. Dig out a wedge of soil about 6 to 8 inches deep, and set this wedge aside.

3. Now dig out a half-inch piece of soil from the hole and pour it into your bucket.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 at least a half-dozen times in different parts of the garden so that the soil sample represents your whole garden when mixed.

5. Use your trowel to mix the soil together thoroughly.

6. Fill the soil sample bag or container with the mixed soil, complete the paperwork and mail it all off to the lab.


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Selecting and Using a Soil Testing Laboratory

The Maryland Cooperative Extension has a Great Document regarding the process of selecting and using a soil testing laboratory. There is a lot to look at. Its well worth your time to read it.  I like how the article really goes through the process of taking a sample, sending a sample and what to look for with respect to interpreting results.

Selectin A Soil Lab

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Soil Sampling Supplies

Soil Testing is in full swing at Midwest Laboratories.  Today alone, over 500 boxes were delivered to Midwest Laboratories. Do you have soil sample bags, soil boxes and shipping costs covered? Do you have a soil probe to collect your sample?  If you need a one-stop shop for supplies, check out Midwest Laboratories.

In addition, if you need some instructions for soil testing. Check out the document, Soil Sampling. It’s a great document to help you with your sample planning and you can download it for free.

If you have questions, two agronomists are on staff to answer questions along with a solid support staff. Call today 800-777-0486 or leave us  a note!

Brent Pohlman

Soil Sampling Supplies

Soil Sampling Supplies

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