Online Shipping Labels | Shipping Samples

Shipping Samples Are you aware that if you have an account with Midwest Laboratories, you can print off your own shipping labels online for your samples? Yes – this feature was just added in November. Save time and receive Midwest Labs discounts with respect to shipping your samples.

For more information about this service sign-on with your account and look for these print menus.  Simply select the Shipper of your choice and print out the labels and affix to your package.

Also, check out where the nearest drop off location is to you.


Sample Turnaround Time and Shipping

Normally, turnaround time and lab analysis is what we try to communicate to our clients with respect to their samples getting tested. I want to throw in shipping.  We can help save you valuable days with different shipping options to meet your need at affordable prices.

If you are on the east coast, west coast, along the gulf or in the southwest states, normal ground delivery time can be 3-5 days. Let’s work together and make 3-5 days be closer to 1 day.    If you have questions, send me an email with to bkp1 (at) midwestlabs (dot) com.  I think you will be surprised at what a real savings you can have.

Tips when sending samples to Midwest Laboratories

Sending Samples into Midwest Laboratories: Please follow these tips

1)  Open an account if you do not have one    Credit Application – New Account


  • Helps with the logging process to make sure your samples are logged to you.
  • Invoicing for analysis can occur. Without an account, pre-payment is required

2) Include Paperwork  with your sample(s)


  • Include your Name/Contact information
  • Make sure Sample identification is reflected on your paperwork
  • Make sure analysis is clearly printed with respect to your sample – helps with logging
  • First-time clients, call a client services representative to help insure paperwork is in place and analysis will be meeting your needs from the start


  • Without client services involvement, your analysis needs may not be met to your specifications
  • No paperwork equates to delays in turnaround time
  • No contact information will result in delays if questions occur

Shipping Options

Shipping samples is part of the equation for effective service. One of the differentials for Midwest Laboratories is turnaround time.  We know that if we are going to be an effective laboratory, we need to provide clients with options for shipping their samples to our location.

We take this matter very seriously and continue to look for savings in number of days and cost.

Some Examples of Great Service

Right now you can ship samples up to 50 lbs by ground for $7- 8.00  – – Call for more informaiton

We work with a carrier who will pick samples up at your location with 24 hour notice, cost $7.00 and deliver to our laboratory in 24 hours —Available in NE, IA, MN, ND, SD and parts of Illinois

If you have questions regarding the shipment of samples, give us a call to understand your options.