Tips when sending samples to Midwest Laboratories

Sending Samples into Midwest Laboratories: Please follow these tips

1)  Open an account if you do not have one    Credit Application – New Account


  • Helps with the logging process to make sure your samples are logged to you.
  • Invoicing for analysis can occur. Without an account, pre-payment is required

2) Include Paperwork  with your sample(s)


  • Include your Name/Contact information
  • Make sure Sample identification is reflected on your paperwork
  • Make sure analysis is clearly printed with respect to your sample – helps with logging
  • First-time clients, call a client services representative to help insure paperwork is in place and analysis will be meeting your needs from the start


  • Without client services involvement, your analysis needs may not be met to your specifications
  • No paperwork equates to delays in turnaround time
  • No contact information will result in delays if questions occur