Planting Season is almost here.

In talking to some soil samplers it appears that samplers are getting in the fields and collecting soil samples as we speak.  With the month of April starting today, growers are getting closer to planting their crops. I know the past few years, we have tried to plant our crop after the 20th of April. It seems each year the time to plant keeps getting moved up.

When do you plan on planting your crops this spring? Are you doing some last minute soil testing and working some areas that were under producing last year? Time seems to fly about this time. The weather is a huge factor and I am not sure if anyone knows how wet or dry we will be in the next few weeks, but that is the beauty of being a grower,  we have to deal with uncertainty every year.

Hopefully you have received your soil analysis and you are making plans to plant your crop.

Have a Great Weekend!