Review of last week

Last week a large number of plant and soil samples arrived at the laboratory.  Last Wednesday, we received over 9.000 soil samples and 1,000 plants.  Thankfully, we have the capacity to handle these types of volumes.  In addition, with our investment in the latest technology we are able to analyze these samples and have results out in three days.

It appears with the late planting season, growers are really anxious to maximize their crop yields by analyzing their soil and plants to get an indication where they stand with respect to nutrients.

It will be interesting to see what sample volumes are like this week.

Plant Analysis

Thinking about plant testing in 2011.

Check with a Midwest Laboratories Representative or Client Services. This area of testing is really becoming popular. Many growers are trying to maximize the level of nitrogen found in their plants.

Plant Testing

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Create a plan today to know when to pull samples and have them analyzed. If you would like assistance and learn more about testing plants, talk to a Midwest Laboratories Representative today.