Send Samples | Know when you can expect results

midwest labs appHave you ever wanted to know how long it is going to take to get your sample analyzed once it is received at the lab?

Now you can look at the last 30 days and check out your results from your iPhone or iPad device. In addition, you can look and see which samples will be reported today. The app interface is built very plain and simple to help facilitate a quick glance of sample information.

If you have a Midwest Laboratories account and a password, you can download the app and start using the app today.


Also, the app will always provide you with a direct line to a client service rep to answer your questions.

Download out the Midwest Labs iPhone / iPad App today.


Midwest Labs App gives more power to clients

Midwest Labs App for iPhone and  iPad

Have you downloaded the latest upgrade, version 2.0 of the Midwest Labs App?


If you are a client of Midwest Laboratories and you have access to an iPhone, iPad, iTouch or iPad Mini, you really owe it to yourself  to sign-on and check out these new features.

You can now see when your sample was receivd at Midwest Laboratories and find out when you can expect analysis to be completed and reported.

New, in version 2.0, you can now click on the Report Number and see your.pdf report on your mobile device.

Some other tasks you can do with a click of a button are:

Check on the number of samples submitted in the last 30 days. This is helpful if you are sending in a series of samples in a short period of time.

You can also, click on the phone number or email of your account representative and talk to them directly.

Finally, if you need to check out something on the Midwest Labs Website, you can click the link to have you taken directly there.

This app is more of a management tool than most of your typical apps. It is made to be a very simple, quick look for you to check on the status of your most recent samples.

Download it today and check it out!  If you currently do not have an account with Midwest Laboratories, consider opening an account. It only takes a minute at most and you, too can begin to realize the tools that you can work with regading your sampling needs.



photo credit: John.Karakatsanis via photopin cc