Local & National Laboratory

I get this question all of the time.  Do you just serve the people around you in the surrounding states or do you take samples across the country or the world.

International Samples

Well first off, internationally we accept very few samples outside of the country because of the import scrutiny and turnaround time. It takes way too long.

Local Samples

Yes, a lot of samples are received via mail or one day courier service like UPS, Fedex and Spee-Dee. In addition, a number of samples are dropped off at the front door from people walking samples into our laboratory.

Samples from 50 states

Currently, Midwest Laboratories has clients in all 50 states. All types of samples are received for different type of analysis. In addition, clients have different options with respect to shipping samples.


Midwest Laboratories can serve your testing needs with respect to your location.  The best way to meet your needs is to talk about your needs and see if testing is a viable solution to your needs.  From here, work can begin to determine dates/times to help meet your needs with analysis results.  Location should not have to be a factor when deciding whether to use a lab or not.  Analysis and turnaround time should be the deciding factors.

~Brent Pohlman | Midwest Laboratorie