Midwest Laboratories – Food Testing

This month, the Omaha World-Herald came out and conducted a story on Calories on Menus and how Midwest Laboratories is a place where customers can go to get calorie and other food-related testing.


Source: Omaha-World Herald


Calorie information coming to a multiplex near you – This article looked at the process of analyzing food samples for calorie information and the Obama Care regulation which included this topic as a part of its program.

From here, another related article was added, When restaurants need food analyzed, Omaha lab’s ready to help – This article looks at food analysis at Midwest Laboratories and a bit of history on Midwest Laboratories.

Food testing is a growing area at Midwest Laboratories and plans for 2015 include increased food analysis and certification. If you get a chance, read the articles and learn more about food testing and where Midwest Laboratories currently stands with respect to food testing.