Questions regarding laboratory testing

Midwest Laboratories provides a price listing of analysis offerings on its current website.

On the site, you can scan, or search analysis under one of five categories: Agriculture, Environmental, Feed/Pet Food, Food and Fuels.  However, if you are like me you just aren’t sure what type of analysis you need. You see some of the methods and some of the analytes, but are not sure about committing to a particular test or test package.

To help you with this next step I have one simple 12 character piece of advice,


Yes – More issues are resolved faster and more complete by calling a representative at Midwest Laboratories.

All of our clients services people are on the phone almost 80-90% of the day answering questions regarding analysis.   We do not have a a call center with numerical choices, we have live voices.

Yes, you can leave a post on our website or email a contact at Midwest Laboratories.  However, if you still have questions, the best way to answer questions is over the phone with the right person.