Soil Testing Season Extended

Soil Testing

With the cool temperatures and heavy rains,  a number of clients are slowly getting into their fields to begin planting.  Last year at this same date almost 70% of the crop was planted. This year, maybe 30%.  As a result, we are starting to see growers waiting till the last possible moment to analyze their soil.  Some are putting their crop in and sampling their fields soon after.  Others are trying to sample their soils while it is still too wet to begin planting.

In any case, each year people are continually looking to maximize their crops and understanding the nutrient value in their soil.  This information is vital as part of a soil/plant nutrient management plan.

I have talked personally to growers and samplers and it appears that the soil conditions are so different depending on what part of the country you are in from extreme drought in Oklahoma, Texas and parts of Kansas to wet conditions in Illinois and Tennesse. It should make for an interesting season.

Picture Source | Northwest College Ag