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With farmers finishing up their harvest, soil sampling for soil testing takes over. Many farmers need this information to make decisions with respect to fertilizer application.  With such a short window and colder temperatures on the horizon, you need to be concerned about turnaround time.   With the onslaught of samples arriving in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you get your samples in soon. Typical turnaround times can be 3-4 days. With heavier volumes, an extra day may be added. This figure is very good for our industry and we continue to take steps to insure high quality and quick turnaround time.

Get your supplies now.

Get your supplies now.

Here are some helpful reminders.

Order soil bags – Sign-on with your account or  call a Midwest Labs representative or go to the Midwest Laboratories eStore if you are new client.

Order your “authorized return service labels” – UPS or new program, Spee-Dee Delivery.  Under these programs, you can ship up to 50lbs for a set price between $7.00-$8.00 depending on which program you use.  Call-in to use this program. Coming to the eStore soon!

Check out the soil sample testing packages and make sure to indicate which package you want for your soil testing needs.

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