Lead in soil

Rockery at the bottom of the gardenThis spring, a number of urban growers have inquired about starting a garden and getting their soil tested for lead. It is a very good idea.  At the present time, a part of the city of Omaha has been in an EPA Lead Cleanup project because of lead that was produced over 5o years ago from production along the Missouri River.  In addition, lead was in almost all paints prior to the 1970’s and many paint chips have found their way into ground and gardens surrounding homes.

Some things to keep in mind:  When taking your sample, wear gloves and take a a sample no deeper than 6 inches.  Take a composite sample by collecting soil from different places in your proposed garden area. All that is needed is a medium-sized ziploc bag.  The price for this analysis is $32.00.

If you have questions, please call a representative at Midwest Laboratories. 402-334-7770

Picture Source|Hannah and Simon