Feed Testing

Feed TestingFeed Testing Packages

This week I have received a lot of calls for a complete feed test. Many companies are looking at the quality of their feed for buying and trading purposes. Numerous inquiries have been made for metals in feed along with feed labeling. A complete list of feed tests can be found on the Midwest Laboratories Feed Page by clicking the brown Feed/Pet Food Button.

The most popular package that people have requested  is the F2: Complete Proximate Package


  • (Applies to feed labels, commodities, feedstuffs where fat content is required.)
  • Moisture Crude Protein Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN)
  • Energy (Digestible and Metabolizable) Ash Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF)
  • Crude Fat

Midwest Laboratories receives a large number of feed samples each day. Each feed sample is individually tracked through the analysis process. If you have questions regarding feed testing, please call a representative at Midwest Laboratories.