Coming out of Economic Recovery

Yesterday a few representatives from Midwest Laboratories attended an Economic Program highlighting Omaha’s economic situation in 20098-2010.  It is always interesting to see that the local economy is in pretty good shape and the trend is toward an even better economy in 2010-2011.

Omaha has a lot of agricultural ties and roots with a number of employees having family members who came from the farm. I really think this type of “work ethic” is one of the main reasons  the economy in Omaha is very favorable and can withstand pressures from the national economy better than most other cities.

Omaha has its challenges and the city itself, needs some good leadership to help us not lose this current advantage.  My point is that lessons can be learned from the agricultural economy. The Ag economy cannot be predicted, and plans must always be in place to literally weather any storm or issue.  It’s an interesting comparison and one that I am sure people are already researching and writing about.

How is the economy in your area? What are the major issues? Do you see a recovery on the horizon?

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