Caution – Black Ice

Cold Temperatures

This week most of the country has felt the effects of some powerful, cold weather.  As I am posting this from the Omaha, Nebraska area, the temperature is 4 degrees (-15 Celsius ) with a windchill advisory, I know other parts of the country are experiencing even colder temps and 1 – 2 feet of snow.

Black Ice

I know most people know how to drive in the winter, but the effects of  black ice are really being felt, especially on interstates, bridges  and highways.  There were numerous accidents in the Metro Omaha area and most of them were caused by an ice layer that was underneath the snow. Many highways and overpasses were shut down due to multiple car pileups yesterday.

Proceed with Caution

Snow and slush can be seen by the human eye.  Ice is transparent. It’s the hidden threat. Be safe and if there has been any freezing rain or ice just before a snow storm, please take extreme care. Expect another ugly commute in Omaha today; as well as in your part of the country.