Drop off Samples

At Midwest Laboratories, clients often drop off samples at our front desk. I would estimate 30-50 clients a day park their vehicle outside, take 10 steps and leave their samples. We have tried to make this experience as convenient as possible. If you need to drop off a sample, simply come in and talk to our front-desk help.  We would be glad to review your paper work and insure your samples are ready for submittal. If you are in a hurry, we have a drop off place for you to leave your samples and get back in your vehicle.

Dropping off samples at Midwest Laboratories is very easy to do.  The next time, you are trying to decide whether to send in your samples or drop them off, I would encourage you to come in and meet the people that are waiting to serve you.

Midwest Laboratories

13611 B Street

Omaha, NE 68144

Shelf Life Testing

Shelf Life Testing is still going strong into 2011.

A number of companies are instituting this type of testing to insure product quality and to help manage the coordination of updating product that may no longer be fresh or stable.

Erin Smith – Food Supervisor for Midwest Laboratories manages the shelf life analysis aspects from receiving the product sample to monitoring the sample in the shelf life chambers.

If you have questions regarding shelf life testing, contact Erin Smith.

Midwest Labs Survey

Chances are most of you have gone to our main website, http://www.midwestlabs.com and observed a pop-up survey.  The results from this survey are used to help Midwest Laboratories employees evaluate services provided to clients.  The information is extremely valuable and credible because it comes directly from clients.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this short survey.

One of the underlying themes was “accessing the midwestlabs.com site is very simple and easy to use”   – – Each year, we strive to make improvements to continue to build on this theme.  If you have some suggestions, please share them with us, we would like to know more.