Get the soil tested in your garden and yard this spring

Lawn and Garden TestA number of people are looking at their grass just coming up and noticing some dead or drier spots. Consider getting your soil tested.

Others, are looking at their garden and looking for ways to improve their garden produciton. Look at testing the soil.

In addition, some people want to know how long it takes to get their soil tested. (It takes 3 days to analyze the soil and provide recommendations)

The price of this analysis is $25.00 – You can buy your analysis online and have supplies sent to you.

Also, consider reading more in this lawn and garden brochure.



Review of last week

Last week a large number of plant and soil samples arrived at the laboratory.  Last Wednesday, we received over 9.000 soil samples and 1,000 plants.  Thankfully, we have the capacity to handle these types of volumes.  In addition, with our investment in the latest technology we are able to analyze these samples and have results out in three days.

It appears with the late planting season, growers are really anxious to maximize their crop yields by analyzing their soil and plants to get an indication where they stand with respect to nutrients.

It will be interesting to see what sample volumes are like this week.

Planting Season is almost here.

In talking to some soil samplers it appears that samplers are getting in the fields and collecting soil samples as we speak.  With the month of April starting today, growers are getting closer to planting their crops. I know the past few years, we have tried to plant our crop after the 20th of April. It seems each year the time to plant keeps getting moved up.

When do you plan on planting your crops this spring? Are you doing some last minute soil testing and working some areas that were under producing last year? Time seems to fly about this time. The weather is a huge factor and I am not sure if anyone knows how wet or dry we will be in the next few weeks, but that is the beauty of being a grower,  we have to deal with uncertainty every year.

Hopefully you have received your soil analysis and you are making plans to plant your crop.

Have a Great Weekend!