Record Heat

Last night the air conditioner was officially turned on. The high temperature tied a record at 96 degrees.  This is the earliest I can remember that our air conditioner has been turned on.  It appears that these warmer temperatures will last through Wednesday.

In the meantime, growers should be able to finish their planting this week after a wet and cool spring.  Keep plenty of water with you if you have to be outside and watch those lawns take off as soil temperatures rise at this time to promote very healthy growing and greening.

Laboratory Analysis Fees

Are you checking out laboratories and their analysis fees online?

If you have gone to our website, you will notice fees posted for analysis that we perform on a regular basis.  A number of lab competitors do not post their fees and analysis.  Let the guessing game begin.  It is hard as a consumer to compare analysis across the board with other laboratories.  My advice is to call and find out the price yourself.  At Midwest Laboratories, we value our client relationships and will work with you to develop testing packages to meet your needs.

Call a representative at Midwest Laboratories and talk through your needs with a client representative. We want to work with you and be up front with you regarding costs and turnaround time. We feel it is important to post our fees so you have an idea of price with respect to your analysis.

Check us out and let the client service representative know how often you plan on testing your particular samples and how many samples you would like to have analyzed.  This type of discussion occurs on a daily basis at Midwest Laboratories and I think you will be surprised at the cost and turnaround time you can receive.

Lab Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time

Midwest Laboratories Schedule of Fees, 2011 – Page 6

“Results of routine soil and feed analysis are usually reported two to three working days after receipt. Results of all other analytical work are usually reported within 5 – 7 working days…”Rush”  results are sometimes available when  arrangements have been made in advance of receipt of the sample…Turnaround may be delayed if proper submittal form is not used. ”

Clients and Prospective Clients want to know how long the analysis will take.  The best way is to work with a client services representative before sending the sample in.  Also, if you need rush service, make sure Midwest Laboratories has lined up resources that are dedicated to fulfilling your rush needs.  Some analysis simply takes longer than other analysis. Also, coordination with scheduling resources is the key.

A good reminder when sending samples.



Midwest Laboratories on B Street

Have you driven by our building and not realized where we are?  Check out this map and see what our main building looks like on B Street in Omaha.
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Midwest Laboratories has a 6-building campus.  Our campus has grown to continually accommodate the need for more space and technology to keep up with client demand.

The next time you drive by, come in and check us out.