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This month, the Omaha World-Herald came out and conducted a story on Calories on Menus and how Midwest Laboratories is a place where customers can go to get calorie and other food-related testing.


Source: Omaha-World Herald


Calorie information coming to a multiplex near you – This article looked at the process of analyzing food samples for calorie information and the Obama Care regulation which included this topic as a part of its program.

From here, another related article was added, When restaurants need food analyzed, Omaha lab’s ready to help – This article looks at food analysis at Midwest Laboratories and a bit of history on Midwest Laboratories.

Food testing is a growing area at Midwest Laboratories and plans for 2015 include increased food analysis and certification. If you get a chance, read the articles and learn more about food testing and where Midwest Laboratories currently stands with respect to food testing.

Pet Treat Testing Packages

Pet Treat TestingCheck out these Pet Treat Packages on the “NEW” Midwest Laboratories eStore.

A number of people are finding the enjoyment of baking and selling pet treats out of their homes. At Midwest Laboratories, we take a serving of your product and can analyze your treats for basic proximates: Moisture,Crude Protein, Fat (acid hydrolysis), Crude Fiber and Ash.  Inaddition, we have the capabilities to provice you with a nutritional label as well as shelf life analysis.

The best way to get started is to contact one of our Pet Treat Representatives. Sue Ann and Erin are here to assist you. Feel free to call them at 402-334-7770 or email them at info(at)midwestlabs.com and request more information regarding pet treat analysi.

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Food Testing

Best Food Testing Laboratory

What type of food testing are you looking for?

Nutritional Labels – Labeling your own personal food for resale.

Calorie Counts – Wanting to know how many calories are in your food menu item.

Shelf Life Testing -Wanting to know how long your food can be preserved?

Salmonella – Is my food product contaminated with bacteria?

Moisture – How much water is in my product that may cause it to attract bacteria

What should I be looking for with respect to food testing?

Where should I start to find out if my product can be considered a nutritious food product?

How long does it  take to produce a nutritional label?

How much sample is needed for food testing?

Does Midwest Laboratories use approved food  testing methods?

These are typical questions that Erin and Sue Ann answer every day at Midwest Laboratories.  Each question may have a slightly different answer depending on the client’s testing needs.  That is really the strength of our food testing laboratory is the way we can handle different client needs and use approve testing methods to accomplish this.

The happiest clients are those that begin the process with knowing the requirements up front.  In addition, our laboratory associates also keep informed of client needs and can plan testing schedules accordingly.  Call today and setup your testing profile.