Quarterly Ethanol Testing

Ethanol SamplesAs we approach the end of the year, a number of ethanol producers are trying to wrap up their quality control initiatitives. This usually means a number of quarterly samples being received  for test packages like ASTM d 4806. If you are located in the midwestern part of the country, talk to a Midwest Laboratories Representative today about how we can assist with your analysis. We can provide you with quality and timely analysis.  Get your samples sent in early to avoid the end-of-year rush.


Ethanol Testing

ethanol testing laboratoryMidwest Laboratories Ethanol Laboratory

Are you aware that Midwest Laboratories performs ethanol testing for a number of major ethanol producers?

Ethanol testing has been in place for the past five years.  Our ethanol clients receive first-class treatment with respect to quality analysis, online information for all testing history, access to sampling supply containers and boxes.

In addition, many ethanol producers also test their feed co-product, DDGs (Dried Distillers Grain) for quality and their wastewater to meet state requirements.

In addition to ethanol, E-85 testing is also available. The complete list of analysis can be found on the Midwest Laboratories Fuel Page, click the gold fuel button.

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Denatured Ethanol Testing

What is the difference between ethanol and denatured ethanol?  I hear this question a lot. To answer this question, a person needs to look at the definition of denatured ethanol.

Denatured alcohol is ethanol which has been rendered toxic or otherwise undrinkable, and in some cases dyed.

With the EPA’s recent passage of E-15 for all Automobiles produced after 2001, more information regarding the quality of denatured ethanol will be in the news.

If you have questions regarding denatured ethanol, talk to Heather Ramig regarding Denatured Ethanol Quality Testing.

Ethanol Testing (D4806 – Denatured Ethanol)  – Package Price $260.00

Ethanol Test

Today’s Feature Analysis

Ethanol Testing Package  (ASTM D 4806 – Denatured Ethanol)  $260.00

With the passage by the U.S. EPA E-15 Manadate, Ethanol Testing remains critical with respect to delivering a quality product.

  • ASTM D 4806 includes the following analysis
  • ASTM D5501 Ethanol & Methanol by GC
  • ASTM D7319 Chloride & Sulfate by IC
  • ASTM D6423 pHe
  • ASTM E1064 Water
  • ASTM D381 Gum (washed/unwashed)
  • ASTM D1613 Acidity
  • ASTM D5453 Sulfur
  • ASTM E1688 Copper
  • ASTM D4052 Specific Gravity
  • Hydrometer Proof
  • VISUAL Appearance
  • Calculation Denaturant Concentration