A Nebraska Laboratory

Nebraska Laboratory

Midwest Laboratories is centrally located in the middle of the country. With a five building campus, Midwest Laboratories currently serves accounts across the company. I think the New Clients in January Map on the Midwest Labs Blog Site really presents a clear picture of clients Midwest Laboratories across the country.

I read many articles that say clients should only use laboratories within a close proximity of their own location to insure quality results match the local surroundings. This is especially true for soil testing.  I would say with today’s technology, clients should check out several laboratories in their area and across the country.

There are thousands of laboratories performing analysis for consumers and companies across the United States.  Obvioulsy, there should be many factors affecting a person’s decision with respect to selecting a laboratory.  At Midwest Laboratories we feel quality analysis, turnaround time at an affordable price are the keys.

Check out different laboratory offerings. How many laboratories are posting their pricing information and analysis information online. How easy is it for you to learn more about a particular laboratory.  Ask yourself these questions too, as you check out laboratories.

What other lab criteria would you use in selecting a particular laboratory for your testing needs?