Crop Outlook

Those of you who have planted corn and soybeans, where are you at in your soil/plant management?

Are you looking to add more nitrogen to your plants or manage your weeds?

Obviously some of you who are reading this post are experiencing above normal water levels; especially those of you along the Missouri River.  What are you doing with respect to your land? Are you making long-term decisions?

Everyone comes from a different perspective, but ultimately all of us want to succeed somehow whethter that is maximizing our investment in crops or cutting losses like the loss of crops or assets.

I really like getting first-hand information from growers. If you are a grower and feel compelled to share your story, please post a comment or a link to your site, so we can better understand your situation.

Soils and Plants

Last week was a monumental week for soil and plant analysis.

We averaged over 1,000 plants a day and had one day where over 5,000 soils were received.

If you need plant or soil sampling supplies, we are still sending out supplies in record numbers.

Call a representative today at 402-334-7770.




Review of last week

Last week a large number of plant and soil samples arrived at the laboratory.  Last Wednesday, we received over 9.000 soil samples and 1,000 plants.  Thankfully, we have the capacity to handle these types of volumes.  In addition, with our investment in the latest technology we are able to analyze these samples and have results out in three days.

It appears with the late planting season, growers are really anxious to maximize their crop yields by analyzing their soil and plants to get an indication where they stand with respect to nutrients.

It will be interesting to see what sample volumes are like this week.