SmartPhone App

Looking for Application ideas for a SmartPhone application (iPhone or Android) .
Text Messaging

I don’t want to recreate our website, that should be a given.

With your hand-held device, what app from Midwest Laboratories could you use that would add VALUE to your testing experience.

Currently, we offer text message notification to our clients, but the potential is to do much more.

We want to create value and we are looking for ideas… If  you have one let me know.


It appears that legislation regarding land, water and air use are being discussed at all levels of our government in 2011.

Soil sampling is one area that is being touched by legislation in Nebraska.

What about your area? Are there areas of legislation that are affecting you and the way you conduct business.

More people need to understand the issues being discussed in our governments and I think its our responsibility to understand the issues and find a compromise that is a win-win for all parties.


Midwest Laboratories on B Street

Have you driven by our building and not realized where we are?  Check out this map and see what our main building looks like on B Street in Omaha.
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Midwest Laboratories has a 6-building campus.  Our campus has grown to continually accommodate the need for more space and technology to keep up with client demand.

The next time you drive by, come in and check us out.

Sample tracking

Midwest Laboratories tracks samples from the time it is received.

Are you aware that samples received at Midwest Laboratories can be located anywhere on our campus.  Each sample receives a barcode identifier to help locate the sample location. Every sample is checked into a particular part of a laboratory and checked out to sample storage and  disposal.

This technology assists Midwest Laboratories personnel with organizing sample batch runs and insuring that quality data is being received for each sample.