Nebraska Agri-Business Expo

Nebraska Agri-Business Expo : AGRICULTURE:  The Perfect App

Have you attended this show in past years?  This show is held at the Qwest Center Convention Center on February 2-3, 2011.

It is a great show and most of the agriculture retailers in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa come down for the event.

Stop by Booth 613  and see the Midwest Laboratories Crew!

Also check out the 2011 conference schedule on the Nebraska Agri-Business Site.

International Poultry Expo

International Poultry Expo

Midwest Laboratories - Booth 666

Midwest Laboratories representatives: Sue Ann Seitz and John Torpy have been working with company representatives at the International Poultry Expo this week.  Today is the last day of the show.  Stop by the Midwest Laboratories Booth, 666

The most requested test at this show is the following:

F2: Complete Proximate Feed Test – $30.00

This test applies to feed labels, commodities, feedstuffs, where fat content is required.

The analysis includes: Moisture, Energy, Crude Protein, Ash, Crude Fat, Total Digestible Nutrients and Acid Detergent Fiber

Metals Testing

Metals Analysis – Midwest Laboratories

periodic table, table of elements


Analyzing elements from the periodic table is an area that our current Metals Laboratory looks at.  Elements are analyzed with respect to all kinds of sample types like metals in soil, water, feed, food, plants, plastics, oils and fuels.

A complete list of metals testing can be found on the corporate site under the different headings: Agriculture, Environmental, Feed, Food and Fuels.

A Nebraska Laboratory serving clients nationally

Midwest Laboratories is located in the central part of the United States in the State of Nebraska. It’s central location allows us to serve clients on both coasts.

Hopefully you are finding what you are looking for. Midwest Laboratories offers a wide array of testing in the areas of Agriculture, Environmental, Feed, Food and Fuels. Check us out!