Today’s Featured Analysis BTUs

BTU Analysis  – $40.00 per sample

A BTU is defined as amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one 1 pound (0.454 kg) of liquid water by 1 °F (0.556 °C) at a constant pressure of one atmosphere. Source:  Wikipedia

With biofuels and alternative energy being hot topics of convesation, we are seeing a lot of different sample types that are requesting this analysis.

In the past year, we have performed BTU Analysis on glycerin, waste coal and biomass material.  I look for more materials to be tested for BTU potential in the future as energy prices start to rise again.

Report information now

Sample rushes are very common

Many clients at Midwest Laboratories want their report information now.  Key sales transactions of fuel are waiting on laboratory test data or the purchase of fertilizer product for a field. There are many reasons. The best way we can understand your reason is by communicating it to us.  Everyone can write “Rush Please” on their samples, but what is that saying?

Communicate your sample rush needs

An acceptable rush time may be 3 days. Maybe results are needed in 24 hours. Whatever the case, to insure proper turnaround time, this type of information needs to be communicated to a client services representative before the sample arrives at Midwest Laboratories and prefably with 24 hours of notice.  By communicating your rush needs ahead of time, proper scheduling and notice to receiving personnel can be arranged.


Laboratory Reports

How do you like to view your data?

At Midwest Laboratories you have options:

Report Data Online – With an Account,clients are able to see report data online through a secure connection.

Email Reports – Report formats are available in .pdf, .txt and csv formats.

Cutstom – These type of reports need to be defined and setup by IT

Hard Copy – Paper reports can be mailed directly to you.

The next time you receive a report from Midwest Laboratories, remember these options and make sure you are receiving the information in the format you like the best.