Agridata Mapping

Today’s Featured Service | Field Mapping Package Discount

agridata, soil mapping, field mappingAre you aware that with your account setup at Midwest Laboratories, you can receive discounts on AgriData Mapping?

If you are interested in mapping, talk to a representative at Midwest Laboratories and open an account to start receiving savings on your mapping service.

A large number of clients are taking advantage of this service and it is a nice compliment to your soil sampling plan and soil testing results.

Soil Probes

Today’s Topic – Soil Probes

soil sampling supplies, soil probe

Soil Probes are being ordered by a number of growers this month.

It is a good idea to get soil sampling supplies ordered now before the big rush in September to insure that you have your supplies on hand.  If you have questions, you can check out the soil probes on the eStore or call us directly at 402-334-7770 – Shipping Department.


vitamin testingVitamin Testing – Today’s Featured Analysis

Vitamin Testing has really picked up in the last few years as food producers are trying to find ways to incorporate vitamins into their food products.  Midwest Laboratories has invested in the latest technology to analyze vitamins and currently has received a lot of praise for its analysis in this area.  Vitamin analysis includes Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C and others.

Great Example of Vitamins in a Food Product

Check out this product for detailed information on how important vitamins are in feed.

When looking at  Vitamin analysis, the first step should be to discuss requirements with our staff and to make sure requirements are being met. Our Vitamin analysis will be moving to a new building in the next few months to help accomodate all of the requests we are currently getting.