Moldy Corn

With the recent rains, there have been a number of reports of  “moldy corn” , The following Minnesota Crop News Blog brings this issue to light. Its a very good article that looks at the current state of moldy corn and offers suggestions to help remedy the corn.

At Midwest Laboratories, we are seeing more samples being sent in for mycotoxin analysis by  LC/MS.   Fusarium – can be analyzed by locating two of the most common molds:  Fumonisin(B1, B2, B3)  and Zearalenone

Farm States Watching Ohio Vote on Livestock Rules

Next week an important vote will be taking place in Ohio regarding livestock rules. Hopefully, creating a livestock board with agriculture leaders and animal health experts will be the trend to help combat the issues raised by animal activits. Read this article! We will all be waiting with anticipation next week.


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