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This month, the Omaha World-Herald came out and conducted a story on Calories on Menus and how Midwest Laboratories is a place where customers can go to get calorie and other food-related testing.


Source: Omaha-World Herald


Calorie information coming to a multiplex near you – This article looked at the process of analyzing food samples for calorie information and the Obama Care regulation which included this topic as a part of its program.

From here, another related article was added, When restaurants need food analyzed, Omaha lab’s ready to help - This article looks at food analysis at Midwest Laboratories and a bit of history on Midwest Laboratories.

Food testing is a growing area at Midwest Laboratories and plans for 2015 include increased food analysis and certification. If you get a chance, read the articles and learn more about food testing and where Midwest Laboratories currently stands with respect to food testing.

Fall Soil Testing Season

soil samplesIt is that time of year, right after harvest when samples start coming into the laboratory for analysis.

Today, there were a large number of soils received

See for yourself!

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How do I Ship Samples to the Laboratory?

IMG_3122Shipping samples is one of the most common questions we receive.

Many clients are not sure how to proceed with this step and it can be a very time consuming process if you have to go somewhere to have your sample packaged and sent. Here are some tips to help you through this process.

Open an Account at Midwest Laboratories

The best advice I have is begin by opening an account with Midwest Laboratories.  Use the Tablet Form or PC Desktop Form. Once you have your account and password, you now have access to some great shipping options. (If you have forgotten your password, please call a representative at Midwest Laboratories to reset your password)

Log-on to MidwestLabs.com website

Log-On to the Midwest Laboratories Website

With your account number and password, you can now log-on to the Midwest Laboratories Website and start using the shipping options for

Go to Shipping Options Tab on left side of screen and select one of the following options:

  • FedEx – Ground or Overnight
  • UPS – Ground or Overnight

From here, all you need to do is print out the shipping label, place it on the package and take it to your local UPS/FedEx Shipping Location.

Sample Supplies

Don’t forget your Midwest Laboratories account also allows you to purchase or receive sampling supplies too.  (Examples: soil bags, plant bags, coolers, bottles, boxes)

Go to the Order Supplies Tab and begin locating the supplies you need.

Midwest Laboratories Account

Your shipping charges and supply charges, (if applicable) will be listed on your monthly invoice. This process helps  you keep track of your costs with respect to analysis and shipping expenses.  If you have any questions about shipping, please feel free to call and talk to a client services team member.

Soil Sampling and Precision Ag

soil samplingPrecision Agriculture is the new concept that people are trying to understand. How does soil analysis, sampling, mapping and reporting fit together. Soil sampling is one part of this program.  More and more people are seeing the value in grid sampling their fields and they are getting prepared as we speak.  This was noted yesterday with some activities that occurred at Midwest Laboratories.

  • Yesterday, one company alone picked up 40,000 soil bags. Another company ordered 20,000 soil bags.
  • Another company picked up 500 shipping labels.
  • In addition, 10 individuals opened accounts just yesterday in preparation of conducting soil testing this fall.

Soil Sampling Programs are really taking off and helping growers manage the nutrients in their soil and understand which parts of their fields have sufficient nutrients and where other areas are deficient.

If you are looking for a good site that looks at soil sampling techniques check out this site, Soil Sampling for Precision Agriculture.

If you want information on setting up an account at Midwest Laboratories check out this link, (New Account Setup). Use this link, (New Account Setup for Mobile) if you are using an iPad or Tablet.

With your account, you are able to order supplies like soil bags, boxes and shipping labels.  For more information, contact a Midwest Laboratories Representative today.

Picture Source: AgPHDsoiltest.com